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Nashville, TN

True to the name 'Shivam' - consciousness, mindfulness, - we strive to make our items by re-using our existing resources, and natural, organic materials.

Our yoga mat bags are handmade using upcycled, vintage fabrics, while the aromatherapy eye pillows are filled with the healing goodness of organic lavender buds and organic flax seeds. 

We hope to extend and share the journey of these goods as they make their way around the world. From our house to yours.



Welcome to my blog at Shivam Creations.

Shivam means mindfulness in Sanskrit; this space is about trying to lead a mindful life and the elements that go with it: yoga, healthy living, nature, and the creative forces within each of us.

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In Farm-To-Table Heaven (Being a Hippie Traveller Part 2)

Shivangi Parikh

Hello folks..hope you had a good week! 

My week began with one of the most amazing meals I have ever had: Caribbean fusion food at Guadalupe Cafe in the heart of the Smoky Mountains (pic on my Instagram feed). The cafe serves local, organic produce in most of their dishes and it was simply tasty! And like most good food, it took me to this emotional memory lodged in my brains (isn't that what makes good food really good..taking you to this moment in the past?)

So my Guadalupe meal reminded me of my recent trip to Coorg in Southern India where we were lucky enough to great the REAL farm-to-table experience at the farmhouse, Tamara Coorg. You cannot get more in-time delivery of local produce. For instance, our breakfast: the eggs came from the hen coop in the farm that is part of the house; the milk was from the cows in the farm, the butter was from the same milk; the rice pancake was made from the rice that grew in the small paddy field next to the farm; the coffee came from the coffee plantation on the farm; the jelly was home made. Need more proof? I don't think so!  

Needless to say that the food was an absolute culinary delight and would have put any Iron Chef out of business (hmm..maybe not, but you get the point) And no matter how much we ate, we did not feel stuffed. That is the nature of healthy food; no junk chemicals or preservatives that leave you feeling bloated. A bonus was a chance for Arjun to get to meet some farm buddies, and try to catch the rooster roaming about, without success! You go Free Range Hen!

If you get a chance to try a farm-to-table cuisine, or even stay a weekend in a farmhouse, I highly recommend it! Not only will you get the freshest food possible, but it will also give you a perspective on how we use our food resources: are we using them wisely or are we wasting them? But perhaps with food that delicious you might be in a food coma to think too much. So what the heck, just enjoy your moment in farm heaven!

Have a happy weekend :)

(p.s. if you missed my first column in the Hippie Traveller series, its here)

Shivangi Parikh

How to Calm Your Pitta Dosha This Summer: part 1

Shivangi Parikh

Mint for Pitta

Happy Summer friends! I am sure most of you are already basking in the glorious sunny weather off late...I know I have been enjoying getting outdoors a bit more! As fun and bright as summer can be, it also brings with what I call 'summer rage'. The heating elements in the atmosphere tend to make us easily irritable, hyper, jealous and angry. (speaking from personal experience :)) This is what Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system, terms as the imbalance in the 'pitta dosha', or the 'fire element' in our body. Ok, I agree it sounds complicated and very new-agey (is that even a word?) but trust me, I will keep it very simple :)

Basically, our bodies are made up of a combination of the main elements of nature: Air, Ether, Earth, Fire and Water. We all possess varying degrees of these elements within us, making some of us prone to certain things more than others. (For more info about your doshas, look at the last paragraph). 

Coming to the point of pitta dosha, or the fire element: In summer, the excess heat aggravates this element within us, making us perspire, feel tired, get sunstroke, and as I mentioned earlier, get easily short-tempered. Not to fret though. There are many easy ways to avoid this through certain foods and drinks (no, margaritas on the rocks doesn't count ;)

The best, and easiest way to calm the excess heat within is by adding fresh mint leaves to your water. Mint leaves are available in plentiful in summer (another example of how nature has its own course). Just a few leaves in a big jug will do the trick. If you are at work, just add some leaves to your glass itself, but make sure that the water is not iced. Contrary to popular belief, ice is more heating than regular temperature water! The leaves you add in the morning will last you the entire day. You can even eat them in the night for better digestion, in fact, I highly recommend it. I have been doing this for a week now and I feel much more relaxed and not so anxious. 

Another substitute for mint leaves is a few slices of cucumber, which again is very widely available and most of you probably even know about its benefits. Same thing as mint, add a couple of slices to your water jug in the morning and refill it throughout the day. I would probably not recommend eating those slices in the evening though as they might not taste good, but you can always place them on your tired eyelids for five minutes before tossing them. 

Next week I will put together a list of fruits and veggies that are very cooling for your system in the summer. Ayurveda believes the cause and treatment of most of our symptoms lies within our body itself, esp. the digestive system. 

About Doshas: Here is a great article explaining the main doshas or elements of our body. There are three of them: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata: is made up of Air and Ether; Pitta is related to Fire, and Kapha is mainly Water and Earth. You can even find out your prominent dosha me, its a lot of fun :)

Hope this helps you stay cool this summer!

Shivangi Parikh